I’m finished moving to the new site!



I’ll start sorting events happen in my absent and post it overthere

Thank you, for enduring.



Problem regarding new site!

Geraffe here,

Here is new site again!


If you have problem with anything regarding new site, including ads.
You can report or give in some suggestion here!

I’m moving out of this site soon, and it nearly finished.
and will close this site by the 5pm. August, 10th(GMT+7).(If nothing happended)

Thank you,


For someone who don’t see update before, 29-Sai Vol.2 Ch.22-25





Sorry for no update.

I’ll be soon back to translate at the start at next month
really sorry for no update at all,
I work like no tomorrow and then they kickme off,
fuck me right?

I’ll be back soon, sorry for everything.

I’ve got a lot to update……

First thing first, sorry and I’m not dropping any novel translation.

I’m really sorry that I can’t say anyword than repeating my apologize to all readers,
as nearly past 20 days and there is no release or even update.

These were a hard time for me too I’ll list what happen below,
But I guess you dan’t want to read long esssay I’ll summarize it as….

1. I got fever.
2. When I started feeling better, my two best friends need to get married(Shotgun married), so I’ve need to help organize the ceremony and things.
3. After nearly 2 weeks of work, I’ve got sick again.
4. Then next day, I have to go to work at camp staff per contract I’ve signed since started of this year.
5. And 5 days of work as camp staff, I blacked out after I got home with high fever.
6. Next day, they(camp organizer) ask me to edit some video and pay me for it, I’ve no reason to refuse so I’ve accept it, did it in one day.
7. Taking a rest for 2 day and I’ve recoveredm another work came in, I want refuse but it form my father’s friend so, I’ve got to do that.
8.Gone to another province to do production and came home with video footage to editing, currently it nearly done, it on;y need them to confirm and proof.
9. And as I has no notebook nor laptop, I’ve tried translated or typing in pohone and thre is a lot of mistyping and worng grammar more than it should be, so I’ve decide not to continue like that.

It should be around this, If someone want more detail you can comment so I’ll make a post about it, maybe.

For the update this week I think I can do around 3 chapters at most.
Also for the rest of I poromised to your guys before, I’d like to post pone it for a next week, sorry again.

Donate thank you  post and Patrons thank you post will be posted soon.

That’s the summary of all thing I could think off, If I miss some thing please tell me.

Sorry and thank you,

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